About Us

 "From selling handmade earrings at church to showcasing art from Atlanta to Miami, a labor of love and more than a decade of collecting West African fabrics have encouraged me to explore entrepreneurship." 
- Artist & Owner Cassandra W. 

  Designs & Illustrations by Cassandra White is not just a business; it's a manifestation of a unique love for artistic expression and a deep appreciation for Black Culture. In the early 2010s, the business emerged as CWorks, showcasing artwork and selling original art and prints, contributing to the local art scene.

  By the end of 2015, Designs & Illustration by Cassandra White added the "Culture-Cure" Collection to help with the lack of black/brown-focused designs featured products and other items in the market. Items in the collection are handmade and inspired by West African fabrics.

  Today, Designs & Illustrations by Cassandra White offers a wide range of personal and gift items, as well as decor items showcasing Cassandra's art style and Afro-inspired designs. But the true gem is her exclusive collection, a testament to her creativity and uniqueness, available only in Pop-up locations and the 'Creative Studio Boutique' in Maitland, FL.