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Designs & Illustrations by Cassandra White

Lady E-z Muzica - Notebook

Lady E-z Muzica - Notebook

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If you're in need of a versatile notebook that can be used for sketching, journaling, or jotting down your daily tasks, you'll want to check out these softcover saddle-stitched notebooks. They're designed to be ultra-portable, with a size that makes them ideal for carrying in your back pocket, shirt pocket, or handbag. Whether you're a creative professional or just someone who likes to stay organized, these notebooks are a great choice.

Cover Art: Illustrated by Cassandra White from her "Lines, Curves, & Color" collection.


Size: 5in by 6.875in

End-Sheets/Pages: 65lb 

Inner Pages: 60 pages (30 sheets - 24lb)

Cover - Matte or Gloss
Inner Pages - Blank or Lined

Cover - 100lb Cover
End-Sheets/Pages - 65lb
Inner Pages - 24lb


*Please note that due to the printing process, the color of the cover may vary depending on the printing method used

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