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Designs & Illustrations by Cassandra White

African Gold "Bese Saka" Adinkra Card

African Gold "Bese Saka" Adinkra Card

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African Gold Bese Saka Adinkra Card

This ethnic card is the perfect way to send cheer at any time of the year!

BESE SAKA means "sack of cola nuts"
This is the symbol of affluence, power, abundance, plenty, togetherness, and unity.

The cola nut played an important role in the economic life of Ghana. A widely-used cash crop, it is closely associated with affluence and abundance. This symbol also represents the role of agriculture and trade in bringing peoples together. (Willis, The Adinkra Dictionary)


Available in Kraft paper or Black paper

Inside: Blank

Included: Matching brown or Kraft paper envelope

NOTE: This card is made with kraft paper/black cardstock and gold foil. 


This beautiful card has been designed, produced, and shipped by Cassandra White. Let this card make the perfect gift for any season. Send one to your family and friends today!

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